Spruce Up the Look of Your Cabinets With Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

The cold, wintry months are coming to a close, but are not quite over yet. Now is the perfect time to keep you and your family active with a home renovation project! Redesigning your home during the slow, cold months will enable you to increase the value of your home for the upcoming spring and summer selling markets. If you and your family are not ready for an entire home makeover, consider remodeling your kitchen cabinet hardware; these seemingly small areas will add immeasurable appeal (both financially and aesthetically) almost instantly.

Evaluate Your Kitchen Components
Before beginning any home makeover project, is necessary to begin with evaluating what elements are in your kitchen. While most homes and apartments are long overdue for a remodeling project, it is always better to double check your cabinets. When examining existing wood cabinets, look for any cracks, dents, scrapes, rusted hinges, and cracked or damaged kitchen cabinet knobs.

Remove & Recycle
While your cabinets may not be to your liking, think twice before you toss them into the garbage. If you have other odds and ends around the home that are of value and no longer of use to you, maybe hosting a garage sale is a good option; however, yard sales require effort and organization. If you simple want to say goodbye forever to those hideous cabinet pulls that look like vintage 1970′s pieces, consider an alternate way of ridding your home of those unsightly objects. Websites such as craigslist.org offer a variety of areas for you to post your goods -reaching thousands of potential consumers. Even if your home hardware isn’t worth a dime, you can even list it as free; chances are, someone will consider your trash their treasure.

Cabinetry 101
Believe it or not, cabinets can make or break any kitchen design. That’s why it’s important to replace them every five to ten years. Since you’ve already gutted the necessary parts of your kitchen, now is the time to replace the home hardware essentials with aesthetically and budget pleasing items. Choose a finish that compliments your style; consider the feel of your entire home, not just the kitchen. For the bold do-it-yourself-ers, why not try a unique layering technique? Starting with the darkest finishes on cabinets located hip level and below, work your cabinet colors from dark to light with the lightest closest to the ceiling. Not only will this draw the eye upward, but also it will give off the illusion of more space-even in the smallest of kitchens.

Show it Off
The easiest way to show off something is to attract attention to it, right? This applies to your newly remodeled kitchen, too. By adding attractive, complimentary cabinet pulls, you’ll accent the new wood finishes. Your guests will be awed with your careful attention to detail and eye for elegant décor. When choosing cabinet pulls and knobs, many homeowners opt for tried and true styled knobs in oil rubbed bronze, antique chrome or other dark finishes. These traditional finishes are great-especially with similar wood finishes. However, your real chance to “shine” comes when choosing a unique drawer pull design. If your home features handcrafted wood items, why not match them with intricately carved handles? Or, if you or your family members have a passion or hobby, show it off. Whether sports aficionados, culinary artists or simple just a water-lover, there are a variety of knobs and pulls in different shapes and sizes that literally illustrate what you love (ie: footballs, vegetables or fish) or are colorful reminders of your passions (ie: browns, greens and aqua-marine). If you do opt for the less-than-traditional hardware items, be sure the different colors and styles are cohesive; too many shapes and sizes can seen confusing and can easily become an eye-sore!

Want a New Look, Change Your Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Yes, you heard right. If you want a new look, change your kitchen cabinet hardware. Since many homeowners have mortgages that are underwater, staying in your current home may be the only option you have.

But that doesn’t mean your existing home has to be boring. If you want a new look, change your kitchen cabinet hardware, which is easy and relatively inexpensive. In fact, it can give your kitchen a makeover in just a weekend.

If you want a new look, change your kitchen cabinet hardware by giving it some personality. There are plenty of themed hardware sets out on the market these days. From nautical and country to French and western, chances are really good that you’ll find something that’s perfect for you.

If you want a new look, change your kitchen cabinet hardware by shopping online first. You’ll find a greater selection at online retailers, far more than you’ll find in your local home improvement store. This is particularly true if you live in the country or the suburbs. While a trip to the big city can take a lot of planning, a trip online is an easy way to find just what you’re looking for, especially if your goal is new kitchen cabinet hardware.

You don’t even need to reface your cabinets to give your kitchen a fresh, new look. If you want a new look, change your kitchen cabinet hardware and you may find that the cabinets themselves look brand new.

If you’re happy with the current look, but simply want to give the kitchen a minor facelift, you can start small. If you want a new look, change your kitchen cabinet hardware with similar styles. Change it up by adding some back plates to the knobs and pulls. Or switch from pulls to knobs or vice versa. There are no hard and fast rules and when you want a new look, change your kitchen cabinet hardware to match your own tastes and interests.

For example, you can go with themed pulls, knobs and back plates. This is where shopping online has a definite advantage when you want a new look, change your kitchen cabinet hardware with ones that match your location, interior décor or pursuits. For instance, boaters can redo their kitchens in a nautical motif. This is particularly well suited for beach homes as well.

One of the most important things to consider is the ergonomics and comfort of the hardware you purchase. You don’t want to fall in love with a particular style, only to find that your fingers get pinched in the pull when you try to open a heavy drawer. This is why it’s wise to select several different knobs or pulls for your cabinets. This allows you to install them to not only make sure they fit your drawers and cabinets, but your hands as well. In fact, you can install several different styles so you can see which ones you like best. This can save you a lot of time and effort as you won’t end up with a bunch of hardware that doesn’t suit your style, taste or lifestyle.

Fortunately, kitchen cabinet hardware is really easy to swap out. Usually you only need a screwdriver to remove the old knob or pull and put on the new one. Drawer slides and hinges may be a bit more difficult, but usually you don’t need to swap these items out. New knobs, pulls, handles and perhaps even back plates are all you need to give your kitchen a fresh new look. And with today’s soft real estate sales, falling in love with your own home all over again can be a great alternative to trying to sell it right now.

Decorative Cabinet Hardware (i.e. Handles And Knobs For The Rest Of Us)

Adding or replacing decorative cabinet hardware is one of the easiest facelifts you could possibly do for your cabinets.

If your cabinets are in pretty good shape, and not too dated, changing pulls or knobs is an easy thing to do. You’ll need to invest $100 to $300 on average to replace all the pulls and knobs in your kitchen (figuring 25-30 or so pulls or knobs).

If you cabinets look really old, brand new decorative cabinet hardware might stand out like a sore thumb. Depending on the situation, though, you could add rustic pulls or knobs to your cabinets, and they’d still look good (and would fit right in).

Your cabinets might also just need a good cleaning to get them sparkling again.

If you are starting fresh, and don’t already have pull or knob holes in your doors or drawer fronts (good for you!), the choices are almost endless. You can get 3″ center pulls, or knobs, or 96mm, or 128mm, or just about anything you want.

Keep in mind though, that handles with 3″ centers are the most common decorative cabinet hardware that there is. If you ever want to change handles in the future, there will certainly be tons of choices. If you go with, say 128mm handles, your future choices for handles will be limited, because you’ll have to get 128mm handles again. Also, these handles are larger (longer) than normal, so cost more. For example, a 128mm handle in stainless steel could cost $13 or more, where the same handle with a 3″ center could be $5 or less. Finish is also a factor in your cost. Stainless steel will cost much more than a nickel finish, but will look almost identical.

Replacing What You’ve Got

If you already have pulls, knobs (or both) then you must keep that in mind when choosing hardware. You have some alternatives, but you may be limited.

If you have pulls, measure the distance from mid-point to mid-point of each hole. This will give you the size pull you will need. You will often find they are 3″ centers.

If they are 3″ centers, you are in luck, because you will find most styles of decorative cabinet hardware are available with 3″ centers.

If you have a measurement other than 3″, you can look for that size. It may be difficult to find pulls that fit those holes. If you do find something in that measurement, it might not be the style you like.

What You Can Do if You Have Odd Sized Holes or Need to Cover the Holes Left by Previous Handles

Add a back-plate to your door or drawer front before you put your pull or knob on. You can simply drill new holds that work for your new handles (usually 3/8″ holes are what you need to drill, sometimes 1/4″). In this way, no one will see the old holes because they will be covered up by the back-plate.

Another easy alternative is to put two knobs where the pull holes were. With this option, you are only limited in the knob’s diameter. You will want to make sure the knobs aren’t so big that they will be touching each other when you put them on.

STYLE! What’s available in Decorative Cabinet Hardware?

Recent years have seen a surge in sleek, new styling. There are literally thousands of styles of pulls, knobs, and back-plates to choose from.

Anything from contemporary to rustic, colored or clear glass to solid brass.

You will also find several choices in theme-based hardware. There are several choices for children’s rooms, hunting themes, fishing, bugs, butterflies, frogs, and stones to name a few.

There are even pulls out there (from Amerock) that look like knives, forks, and spoons.

Popular Finishes to Choose from Include:

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Polished Brass or Chrome

Brushed, Satin, or Sterling Nickel

Brushed Brass

Flat Black

Antique English (a bronze looking finish)

Wrought Iron

Weathered Nickel

Rustic Bronze

Burnished Bronze



Stainless Steel


Anodized Aluminum

Ceramic and Ceramic Crackle Finishes (be careful – ceramic looks nice, but will crack very easily)

There are several other decorative cabinet hardware finishes to choose from too, including solid colors and several actual woods, finished and unfinished.

Some brand names that manufacture good and reasonably priced hardware include:





Wood Technology

What’s This Going to Cost?

The cost will vary as much as how many styles are out there.

You might find small knobs for as little as $2.00 or less a piece.

Several pulls fall into the $3.00 to $6.00 range for each pull.

If you are going for a contemporary, sleek European style, where the pulls can be as long as 12″ or more, you may pay $25.00 or more for each pull.

Some glass knobs and pulls can also run you into some money, from the low teens to as high as $40.00 each.

Pulls for appliances (appliance pulls – that are used if you have a wooden insert over your appliance and basically need a handle for it) can be quite costly as well, over $20.00 on up (but they are very large and long).


Be sure to count each door and drawer front you have, twice. You’d be upset with yourself if you ordered your pulls or knobs online or made a special trip to the hardware store, just to find you are short one pull or knob! It’s been done!!

Where to Get Decorative Cabinet Hardware

Online is a very convenient place to get hardware. Home improvement stores carry decorative cabinet hardware, but it may actually cost you more to get hardware there, and they won’t have as big of a selection as online stores.

You may even be lucky enough to find just what you’re looking for at your local thrift store. If you can, you’ll no doubt save money, but most likely won’t get good quality products.

Amerock hardware (and almost every good company has this guarantee for many of their hardware products), has several handles and knobs that have what they call their Guardian Finish. It is a lifetime guarantee on your hardware finish to never tarnish, or they replace the hardware free of charge.

If you enjoy garage-saling or auctions, you may find something there. Usually though, when you use those types of venues, you will be very limited in your choices and only find a few of what you need.

In my experience, the best place to purchase hardware is either online or at your local home-center. If you really want to see and feel your handles before you purchase them, go to your home-center and pick something out. If you have the time, write down who manufactures the hardware, its product number, and then check out prices on the internet. You’ll no doubt find the same product for less over the internet.

Bottom Line: Get what you Love

The possibilities for decorate cabinet hardware are endless. Look for hardware that is not only practical and will last a long time, but that you also fall in love with and enjoy!!

And remember – HAVE A HAPPY KITCHEN!!

Crystal co-owned a custom cabinet shop for 14 years (1992-2006). She is now a stay-at-home mom who writes on the web, sharing all that she’s learned from her years building and installing kitchen cabinets.

Discount Cabinet Hardware – Buying the Best at Affordable Prices

There is no dearth of discount cabinet hardware on the market. All you have to do is to make trips to these markets online and offline and you would find these in abundance. You would get them in a huge range from the contemporary designs to the antique loved by many. No doubt, superb quality hardware can be expensive.

Hence, during some period in the year, most wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers run sales wherein they sell their stuff at huge discounts to attract the customers.

Another idea to purchase discount cabinet hardware is to buy in bulk. Most manufacturers tend to offer promising discounts when they see a lot of their stuff is going away from their shop. If you do not want a lot of discount cabinet hardware for your use alone, find someone who is also looking for it and purchase in bulk. You would be surprised at the discounts offered.

Another way to avail fabulous discounts on discount cabinet hardware purchase is to purchase it from a wholesale dealer. Manufacturers supplying hardware in bulk are definitely going to provide some affordable options. You can even know about a shop where they sell on discounts.

Many discount cabinet hardware companies also sell their stuff via the World Wide Web. Now, this provides you an opportunity to enjoy heavy discounts on your purchase. You would not face any problem related to quality or timely delivery. Most online shops tend to provide quality guarantee and discounts in conjunction with a promise of timely shipment. When purchasing the hardware only, you can go through a catalog and opt for the product you are looking forward to purchase.

Here are some important points to consider when purchasing cabinet hardware on discounts.

Call a professional: When thinking of purchasing new Discount cabinet hardware for your home, you need to the available space and the cabinets that already exist. This will let you know what exactly your kitchen or bathroom actually requires. This will also save you a lot of money.
Compare: Once you have decided to purchase the hardware, do not buy it from the first store that you happen to visit. Visit a lot of stores online and offline to make a cost effective and wise deal.
Save time: You can save a lot of time when purchasing discount cabinet hardware online. All you require to do is to sit at your home conveniently and order for your stuff.
Beware: Do not purchase the hardware in a hurry just because they are put on heavy sales. These may also lack in quality. Hence, you need to check thoroughly, the quality, design and actual price prior to actually making a decision.

Purchasing discount cabinet hardware can be a great decision. These can make your home look beautiful and more functional. All you require to do is to keep all the points mentioned above in mind prior to spending your hard-earned money to ensure a wise investment.

Do You Need New Cabinet Hardware?

Choosing cabinet hardware can sometimes be difficult. This is because there are so many items to choose from that you rarely make the right decision. There are different aspects that need to be taken into consideration. We will take a look at them and give you some pointers in choosing the right cabinet hardware.

The first question you need to ask yourself is usually: “Do I need to buy new cabinet hardware?” Believe it or not, in most cases the real answer is “No”. People tend to change whenever they want something new or something becomes too old. If you can afford the expense then you should buy, if not maybe there is another solution. Based on what your current cabinet hardware is made out of you should call somebody that is really a specialist. He/she might just give you a solution that will make everything look better, even new, at a fraction of the cost new cabinet hardware might turn out to be. For instance, adding simple pieces of carved wood might make your current hardware look like antique cabinet hardware (this is not always possible and is based on different factors).

If you really need to change or simply want to buy new cabinet hardware do not go to the first shop that appears on your path. There are literally thousands of shops that are specialized on such parts. Why settle for a finger when you can have the hand? For those of you that do not like researching there is even another alternative: Internet shopping. You now have the possibility of purchasing thousands of parts right from the comfort of your chair. The package will arrive at home and will have all the documents done, including the warranty. EBay is also an alternative worth taking into consideration.

Based on the look and feel of your cabinet you could consider even more specialized shops. For instance, in some stores one may find only antique cabinet hardware. If your furniture needs that why not visit that shop instead of a general one? This principle is applied with different types of cabinet hardware so information is crucial for the buyer. Even by looking in the Yellow Pages you can see some special stores, which are specialized in unique cabinet hardware.

For individuals that can not afford special parts an alternative can be found in discount cabinet hardware or wholesale cabinet hardware. Look for sales! Just because an item is on sale does not mean that it is not popular or that it is not good. Many companies use this to promote new accessories or increase sales with already accomplished ones. Always be on the lookout and it will be quite impossible to miss a good offer when you see it. Either you are looking for decorative cabinet hardware, simple cabinet hardware or antique cabinet hardware, it is always more important to research before buying. Not only can this save money but it can also lead you to that special store that has everything you want and need.